The Look of Wood. The Luxury of Low Maintenance.

Kleer Trim and Kleer Decking products give you the authentic look of real wood without all that ongoing maintenance. So you get the best of both worlds—a rich appearance and low-maintenance durability.  

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TRIMBOARD  Most common problems with exterior wood applications start with the moisture absorption. Kleer is impervious to moisture—which means it offers superior durability and low maintenance. And it does so beautifully, elevating the look of any home. KLEER® PVC trim products won’t splinter, rot, delaminate or swell excessively due to moisture. They can even be applied in direct contact with the ground, masonry or other potentially wet surfaces.

Kleer Trimboard Products Include:

DECKING  A Kleer deck is built to last. And last. It resists mold, mildew, fading and scratching and requires very little maintenance—guaranteed. Each Kleer Decking board is completely encapsulated for years of enjoyment. With its PVC core, Kleer is 40% lighter than many wood/plastic/composite decking materials, so it is easier to handle and install.

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